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At Nourish, we believe that everyone has value and worth and deserves to live their best life.  We offer counselling, as well as the highly effective TRTP trauma therapy, working with our clients towards healing, freedom, and empowerment. We help our clients to thrive and grow in every area of their life – physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually.

TRTP (The Richards Trauma Process) is an elegantly simple, yet dynamically rich process which deals with the lingering effects of distressing life events/experiences (that you may or may not be aware of). TRTP reduces (and regularly resolves) trauma-related symptoms such as anxiety, depression, stress, fears, phobias, PTSD, shame, and grief. It removes the triggers that often set us up for a negative response to various situations and deals with the self-sabotage that robs us of the life we’ve dreamed of. TRTP achieves results quickly, effectively, and safely – generally in three sessions.

TRTP deals with the underlying, unconscious core beliefs which keep a person stuck in self-sabotaging thoughts, emotions, and behavioural patterns. Clients are shifted from fight/flight/freeze and moved to an empowered, self-regulated state. The nervous system is calmed. The memory of the trauma is placed firmly in the past and the emotional charge is removed. The client quickly moves from their state of ‘I’m not safe!’ to ‘It’s over, I’m safe now’. Calm returns on all levels and symptoms cease.

So, whether you are interested in counselling, or TRTP, we would love to help you. Contact Tania or Dean to discuss how we can help you more.

TRTP (The Richards Trauma Process) reduces depression, anxiety and stress in 3 sessions.

Special Chamber Members Offer - 10% off first one-hour counselling appointment or 50% off TRTP preliminary one-hour session.

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