Community Lifestyles Agency

The Fraser Coast Region have one of the highest percentages of people living with disabilities within the state of Queensland. Since the rollout of NDIS Funding, the impact on the level of supports able to be provided to participants is huge and life changing. This funding allows participants to be able to live independently with the supports they need. CLA have a dedicated team of support staff ensuring the lives of these people are lived to the fullest achieving their goals. As one of the larger non-profit support organisations on the Fraser Coast currently providing services over 70 participants under NDIS including 10 Supported Independent Livings sites within the Maryborough area. As our purpose states, imagine amazing together. Come and image your amazing life with us.

CLA are in the process of setting up a coffee window and would like to offer discounted coffee once we have the up and running. This coffee window will be operated by Fraser Coast Tess along with participants.

Community Lifestyles Agency (CLA) is a disability support provider based in Maryborough servicing a range of individuals and their families for over 30years on the Fraser Coast. CLA is a non-profit organisation that is funded by various Government Funding, including NDIS. The vision for CLA is image the possibilities, amazing opportunities, together we achieve it all. All members of CLA believe that every person in our society has the right to a quality lifestyle, while living in the place of their choice as an integral part of the community.