Celebrating Life Business Solutions

Thinking of hiring a new employee but not entirely sure you want to commit? Contact Celebrating Life Business Solutions to take life’s pressures away so you can start Celebrating Life. We can be virtual or mobile (to Hervey Bay and surrounds) and offer over 15 years of financial and administrative experience. Call ‘Celebrating Life’ to become your business assistant.



Oh hey there I’m Racheal. I have listed a range of services I can offer from over 15 years experience in Financial and Administrative roles. I’ve recently discovered that marketing is my dream career and I am building on these skills (including my website) and trust you’ll enjoy following this journey.

I’m hoping I can assist your Business in some way without the pressure of hiring another employee. It can be temporary or long term, whichever works best. Simply call for a free 15 minute consultation, book a time, and once completed I will invoice you. If nothing comes to mind today, please follow my socials and keep me in mind for the future.

Special offer for Chamber Members: Price $38.00/hr for a minimum of 3 hours


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