Barefoot Pilates Studio

We are not a super-gym; we are a dedicated Pilates Studio designed to instruct Pilates as it's meant to be, providing you with individual attention with the enriched atmosphere of a small group class in an Air-conditioned Pilates Studio.

We teach matwork and use other equipment that can make your Pilates session that much more special. For Example, Swiss balls can result in an amazing flexibility session or a downright dirty strength session!

​ BYO mat, towel, water and resistance bands.

Dr Mindy (PhD), your trainer, has been a practicing Pilates devotee since 1998 and gained her qualifications as a Pilates Instructor and has been teaching Pilates since 2016.

Fitness Qualifications:

Personal Trainer (Cert IV) - Ausfit; and Pilates Instructor (Studio Pilates International) with recognised certifications in:

? Pilates Matwork
? Pilates with Ball, Band and Circle
? Pilates with Foam Rollers
? Pilates for Back Pain
? Pilates for Pregnancy
? Matwork Programming & Progressions
? Boxilates

Special offer for Chamber Members: Come and try us with our Beginners Package that is comprised of a free consultation and assessment and 4 matwork classes for $70.00 inc. GST

Pilates can contribute to:
✅ flexibility, increased muscle strength and tone, particularly of abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and buttocks (the
‘core muscles’ of your body)
✅ balanced muscular strength on both sides of your body
✅ enhanced muscular control of back and limbs
✅ improved stabilisation of your spine
✅ improved posture
✅ improved physical coordination and balance
✅ relaxation of shoulders, neck and upper back
✅ safe rehabilitation of muscle imbalances, joint and spinal injuries
✅ increased lung capacity and circulation through deep breathing
✅ improved concentration
✅ increased body awareness
✅ stress management and relaxation.

Pilates caters to everyone: from beginner to advanced; rehabilitating to athletes. You perform exercises using your own body weight, and various pieces of equipment.