Artificial Turf Qld

An artificial lawn is a popular choice because the synthetic materials are engineered to withstand Australia's hard summer environment, so your lawn will stay green.

Artificial lawns have no weeds and dust, which means fewer allergens for you and your family to contend with throughout the spring season.

Some applications include:

✔ Residential - lawns, around pools, over concrete in patios etc

✔ Over 50's villages to eliminate the need for watering & mowing

✔ Child care centres with anti-bacterial turf – great for those “toilet accidents”

✔ Resorts

✔Sporting fields - approved FIFA & FIH product

We are local suppliers of artificial turf (synthetic grass or Astro turf) to landscapers, builders and homeowners because it is far more durable than natural grass. It's less susceptible to weeds, pests, or temperature, light, and moisture variations, and it's less easily trampled. A drought won't kill an artificial lawn and it requires very little maintenance

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